"The LochNess Sessions" (Self-released; 2007)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Los Angeles squad Silent Treatment are a soulful quartet whose eight-track endeavor, "The LochNess Sessions," reveals a hard rock backbone with a considerably smooth melodic side. 

Somewhere in between Buckcherry and Incubus is where you'll find the bar room boogie of "Love U When U Die," while traces of Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains can be found on cuts like the entrancing grooves of "One of Those Days" and "Steal the Sun."

Brazen with a rock'n'roll swagger, cuts like "Funeral Song" and "Turn Away" display the band's Sunset Strip shimmy experience, while the ass-shaking bass and drum-led "Get On the Floor" gives way to the album's most unencumbered and spiciest lead guitar and vocal performance. 

Drawing simple and effective power from the ghosts of hard rock's snakeskin boot prints backed by a stockpile of bluesy hard rock straight from the back room of the pub, Silent Treatment keeps the energy high and the music tight throughout for a solid demonstration of heartfelt rock'n'roll. 

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