"Skapegoat" (Skapegoat Records; 2004)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Skapegoat's self-titled CD is a collection of fiery, guitar-driven rockers that pay subtle homage to legendary metal bands (Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath) but at the same time present a sound that is fresh and unique. If I had to compare the style of this CD to anyone, I'd have to say it comes closest to Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society - and that's no faint praise.

But then along comes "Away From the Light" which almost sounds a little like Gwar.

From the speedy pace of "Chaos," and "Empty,"  to the pounding fury of "Killswitch" and "Away From the Light" to the deceptive calmness of "Scarecrow," Skapegoat keep the listener guessing. For the most part, each song sounds very different than the last yet manages to retain the band's signature. Not too many bands can maintain that transparent link without sabotaging the entire project.

"Skapegoat" isn't completely flawless. The production is a little flat at times and the lead vocals are occasionally just off kilter. Still, these are minor complaints and nothing that really detracts from the overall impact.

Skapegoat: Michelangelo Lobato - vocals, guitar; Dustin Hollmer - guitar, vocals; Briscoe - drums, background vocals; Damon Roberts - bass, background vocals. 

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