"What a World" (Self-produced; 2003)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Slowvein's "What a World" is the third disc from the Oklahoma City, OK band. The sultry and deep voice of Elizabeth Turner powers each track and the solid band that backs her has a great sound as well. The track "Train Wreck" sports a nasty riff and the sexy growl from Elizabeth will have you leaning in for a closer listen. "On Your Own" has a tasty solo, very soulful and almost all of the cuts on "What a World" are over four minutes long so you get plenty of top notch music. Susan Lea provides the perfect backing vocals; you get a dual female sound that gives each song a sweet layer. The keyboards of Terry Spears adds in an element that rounds out the sound of Slowvein but still keeps the cuts rough.

The track "Throw Me Away" has excellent guitar and haunting vocals; it would be a great track to hear live. "Typical" finishes out this disc with a bang. The acoustic flavored songs on this disc have a clean and crisp sound. The musical versatility of Danny Berry and Gary Leiter are what modern and hard rock need to succeed.

When you need some fresh tunes to keep your faith in hard rock alive, I recommend cueing up some Slowvein and let their music move slowly through your veins.

Slowvein: Elizabeth Turner - lead vocals; Susan Lea - backing vocals; Danny Berry - guitar and vocals; Gary Leiter - guitar; Tommy Kruel - bass; Mark Ramsey - drums; Terry Spears - keyboards.

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"All the Better to See You With" (Self-produced; 1998)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Slowvein are a rock outfit from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This is their début release and it's chock full of modern rock with some sultry singing via Elizabeth Turner. This disc has nine tracks and each one has an original sound. The guitar is amped up on the hard-rocking tracks and, when there is an acoustic vibe, the sound is sharp and clean. Often there is a dual guitar sound that works so well you'll be anticipating the meaty grit each time a new track starts ... I know I was. There are plenty of solos and fillers via the guitar department of Slowvein. Some of the grooviest riffs I heard in a long time have come from this disc.

The wall of music behind Elizabeth consists of the aforementioned dual guitars, a solid bass sound and drums and percussion per Mark Ramsey. I went to high school with Mark. We had a business class together but I remember talking about music all the time. It's good to see he pursued his goals and stick smashes for Slowvein.

Slowvein: Elizabeth Turner - vocals; Danny Berry - guitar and vocals; Gary Leiter - guitar; Tommy Kruel - bass; Mark Ramsey - drums.

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