"One Night Stand" (Repossession Records; 2006)

Reviewed by Snidermann


When you hear a chick singing rock'n'roll music and the name of the band is Slunt  ... well, you figure it out.

Okay, we got the name thing out of the way; let's get to the music! "One Night Stand" is hard driving rock'n'roll energy that erupts from the CD with a no-holds-barred musical experience and just a bit of heavy punk mixed in to sweeten the pot. 

No subject is taboo with this band and any issue is up for grabs. The lyrics make it plain that Slunt is not afraid to voice their opinion. 

The name of the CD is "One Night Stand" and, when you see the women in this band, a one night stand would not be such a bad thing. 

"One Night Stand" has it all: killer music, beautiful chicks that can sing and play instruments and a great presence that only comes with constant touring and heavy studio time. 

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"Get a Load of This" (Repossession Records; 2005)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton


I first heard about Slunt from a friend to went to see Marilyn Manson recently at the Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara, CA. "Marilyn Manson was okay," my friend told me, "But the opening band rocked! And, they were hot!"

That opening band was Slunt and I scored a copy of their self-titled EP. I liked it enough to play a track or two on Rough Edge Radio and anxiously awaited the full-length, "Get a Load of This," which is finally here.

With eight more tracks than the EP (the EP had five; the full-length has 13), "Get a Load of This" happily surprises because it doesn't lose any of its vibrancy throughout. The CD is chock full of chunky, punk-ish rock that brings to mind the heyday of legendary bands like The Runaways. The songs are all roughly melodic and layered with hook-laden, sing-a-long choruses and deliciously fat guitar.

The band also displays a much-appreciated sense of humor with song titles like "Cliché Rock'n'Roll Party Song" and "My Cat's Gay" as well as a cover of the Romeo Void tune, "Never Say Never," with the lyrics "I might like you better if we slept together." 

Slunt's "Get a Load of This" is a fresh breath of air in a music genre that continues to get darker both lyrically and musically.

Slunt: Abby Gennet - Guitar, Vocals; Ilsa Baca - Bass; Charles Ruggiero - Skins; Pat Harrington - Guitar.

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