"Hardcore Superstar" (Enigma One; 2007)

Reviewed by Metal Mark

When I put this CD in the first I thing I noticed was that the production is severely rough. I actually had to adjust the settings on my stereo to be able to hear everything a little better and even then much of the music is muddy at best. The cymbals are way in the foreground above every other part of the music and that makes it the listener strain to hear the bulk of the music. Thatís a shame because I like what I can hear, but itís so buried that it took several plays and a great deal of effort to really piece together what was going on. 

What I could make out was that "Hardcore Superstar" is 1980s style glam in the vain of ďToo Fast for LoveĒ era Motley Crue, which is fine by me. The vocals of Fenix Anthony are also fairly similar to early Vince Neil and the vocals are the only thing (besides the cymbals) that are easy to hear. 

Itís a shame about the production because I think the music sounds solid, but itís kind of like trying to listen something with a quilt over the speaker. Most of it is very muffled and itís just too difficult for me to be exactly sure of all thatís going on. I do like the vocals and what I could make out of the music, but Smashed Alley really have to work out the production problems if they want people to notice them because most people are not going to make the effort to strain past production values that are this rough.

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