"Snew You" (Maman Music; 2008)

Reviewed by Metal Mark

Once you get past the slightly odd yet comical band name and album title, you realize that Snew are a real down and dirty hard rock machine. They play a style that follows in the footsteps of Bon Scott era AC/DC. That is an approach that is certainly not new because there have been many bands following that path for some time. In fact, there are moments on "Snew You" where the band sounds like AC/DC by way of Jackyl, Dirty Looks or Rhino Bucket. Now, not everything is rooted back to that long-running Australian band. I also hear some bluesy Led Zeppelin inspired bursts churning away in the mix as well.

In many ways, Snew are as a much a sleaze rock act as they are a blues based hard rock band. No matter what the case, they bring a great amount of grit and swagger to their performance and it pays off. The songs are, of course, very basic and not particularly involved so it is Snew's energy and spirit that keeps this ship afloat. Snew succeed at driving straight ahead and they are not afraid to throw in some different tones here and there. They are not particularly original, but they are entertaining and consistent.

There have been and will likely continue to be many bands who follow AC/DC's sound. Still, Snew particularly deserves attention because they are playing solid hard rock the way it was meant to be played. While I am not quite ready to plunge straight into the Snew world order, I do think that "Snew You" is certainly worth a listen.

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