"Power Failure" (Self-produced; 2006)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

"Power Failure" is The Sonic Revolution's third studio album in two years ... and maybe that's the problem here.

Although this eleven track CD offers you a glimpse of the band's undeniable talent (i.e., fine musicianship, a powerful and controlled vocalist, above average production values), it never quite lights up. Instead, its modern metal sound chugs along steadily, but unspectacularly, throughout its 45-minute running time, catching your attention here and there but never really holding it.

Again, maybe the band's valiant and dedicated attempt to get new music out there left them a little flat by the time "Power Failure" rolled around. Or maybe I just wasn't in the mood for this kind of music each of the three times I listened through (although I'll admit that the final track, the strangely Stryper-esque "In This Together," kinda grew on me). Whatever the reason, "Power Failure," although certainly listenable, was just a little dull. 

The Sonic Revolution: Nick Parisi - vocals; Joe Marselle - electric and acoustic guitars; Pete Doxtader - bass, background vocals; Soofis - drums.

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