"Let the Truth Be Known" (Shrapnel; 2008)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

To me, growing up and learning to play guitar in the '80s meant trying to emulate Dokken’s George Lynch. Since I had no hope of ever having the skills of Mr. Scary I had to remain satisfied with observing the curious Lynch try his hand at different styles over the years.

Needless to say, I’ve been a tad frustrated over the years as I’ve listened to George Lynch chase trends while simultaneously chasing his muse. The Internet chatter about Souls of We had been building for awhile as Lynch bounced around from project to project all the while insisting that Souls of We was a viable concern that would eventually yield recorded material for consumption. Souls of We have finally released the debut album “Let the Truth Be Known.”

“Let the Truth Be Known” is a fourteen track effort that combines Lynch’s considerable talents with the known voice of London LeGrand of Brides of Destruction (although I’d not really heard LeGrand up until this point). A large cast of musicians contribute bass, drums, and keys. Songwriting help was infused into the project by Lynch’s longtime musical partner Jeff Pilson and Andrew Freeman.

What remains undeniable is Lynch’s ability to conduct compelling performances no matter what he chooses to do. With Souls of We it seems Lynch is going for groove and performance over flashy showmanship. Showcase solos are few in number, but extended lead playing in the form of melodic accents and fills/thrills seem to fit this band more than anything else he’s done in some time. Most importantly, it’s the songs that are the main vehicle – the songs are more-than-competent hard rock. LeGrand matches Lynch’s abilities quite adeptly and complements Lynch’s varied approach by contorting his voice in many ways – this gives
the songs unique character from track to track.

In the end “Let the Truth Be Known” sounds like a band, not just George Lynch and a bunch of guys he hired. Right now hard rock needs a good band and Souls of We might be a pure example to lead the charge.

“Let the Truth Be Known” was produced by George Lynch and London LeGrand.

Souls of We is London LeGrand on vocals and George Lynch on guitar. Performances on the album include Jeff Pilson, Fred LeClercq, Mike Hansen, Bobby Jarzombek, Patrick Johansson, Mike Wengren, and Andrew Freeman. Souls of We includes Johny Chow on bass and Yael on drums each of whom play on one track each.

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