"Double Your Pleasure" (Leviathan Records)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Listening to "Double Your Pleasure," one can't help but bring to mind the "Little Miss Dangerous"-era of Ted Nugent. The reasons are obvious upon first listen: As with any record featuring David T. Chastain, the guitars are the star - and the same can be said of Mr. Nugent. The songs are blistering numbers that seem to smolder rather than explode - just like Nugent's "Little Miss Dangerous." And Chastain's vocals are so similar to Ted's during that era, it's almost eerie.

"Double Your Pleasure" is surprisingly different than the previous CD, "Exotic Dancer Blues," but is certainly no worse or, for that matter, no better. It's a ten-track collection of bluesy, Southern-tinged, rock'n'roll songs that will have your toe tapping and your air guitar fingers flailing. The word "smoldering" comes to mind again because of the way the songs seem to burn at a relatively slow pace. There isn't a moment on "Double Your Pleasure" that's slow or dull thanks to Chastain's fiery guitar bravado. Thankfully, Chastain's one of those rare players who deals in style, not just speed and his guitars sing as much or more than he does on this CD.

Bottom line: If you liked the first CD, you're gonna like this one. If you're a David T. Chastain fan, you're gonna like this one. I hope to see this band live one day because I know their show will rock!

Southern Gentlemen:  Kevin Kekes - bass; David T. Chastain - guitars & vocals; Mike Haid - drums.

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"Exotic Dancer Blues" (Leviathan Records)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Basically, any new release featuring David T. Chastain is worth checking out. Southern Gentlemen's "Exotic Dancer Blues" is no exception.

Top heavy with meaty blues licks and chunky guitar riffs, "Exotic Dancer Blues" is closer to ZZ Top than Molly Hatchet or even Lynyrd Skynyrd. Throughout, Chastain's guitar is the star, but the rest of the band is tight and talented as well. Chastain lends his vocal talents here as well and, although he may not be any Steven Tyler, he's pretty damn good.

If you're in the mood for some bluesy hard rock that is thick with attitude, look no further than Southern Gentlemen.

Southern Gentlemen: Kevin Kekes - bass; David T. Chastain - guitars & vocals; Dennis Lesh - drums.

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