"Beware" (Nightmare)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Steel Prophet are one of those bands you've heard of and maybe even have a CD or two in your collection. They never made it to the big time, although they have enjoyed enough of an underground success (despite an ever-changing lineup) to keep making new music.

"Beware" boasts the latest lineup of Steel Prophet and, as such, deserves to be reviewed as an all-new band and recording rather than compared to previous Steel Prophet CDs. That being said, I'm happy to report that "Beware" lives up to the band's reputation.

"Beware" is a power metal album through and through and, as such, succeeds quite well. It never gets into the speed arena (a la Helloween) but it never falls into the cheesy posturing of Manowar either. Instead, it's a consistent, heavy record that does what it sets out to do - rock solidly throughout its 48-minute running time. The CD has been compared to the sound of Fates Warning but, frankly, I didn't hear it.

If that's not enough to convince you to pick up "Beware," perhaps this is: The first 1500 copies also come packed with a bonus rarities CD: "Eye of the Prophet - Visions Past." 

Steel Prophet may not offer anything new on "Beware" but fans of the genre would be disappointed if they did.

Steel Prophet: Nadir D'Priest - vocals; Steve Kachinsky - guitars; Vince Dennis - bass; Kevin Cafferty - drums.

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