"Harmonies for the Haunted" (RCA Contemporary; 2005)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers


When I popped this CD into my computer, the genre came up as "Alternative." I thought, "Well, what does alternative really mean? Is it more out of the ordinary ... or just different? Well, when it comes to "Harmonies for the Haunted," the best word might be “marginal.” If you like Talking Heads, The Cure or Throwing Muses then this CD will probably interest you.

The vocals switch from Talking Heads to The Cure and sometimes combine the two styles. The guitar is geared toward a noise/pop sound. Every now and then an interesting guitar sound or bridge would emerge but, as it lasted less than a minute, it wasn’t enough to keep me connected.

The music also sounds a little dated and reminds me of the late 80s pop sound. It's thin in some parts and overdone in others. There are a few tracks here that have potential and might even make it onto a playlist somewhere. Overall, this disc feeds the need of those who like a Franz Ferdinand type band. 

Sometimes quirky and always detached, Stellastarr* try, but don't quite succeed, to add one more rung on the ladder of Indie Rock.

Stellastarr*: Shawn Christensen – guitar/vocals; Amanda Tannen – bass; Arthur Kremer – drums; Michael Jurin – guitar.

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