"Three Legs of Trouble" (Trustkill; 2007)

Reviewed by Metal Mark

“Come on and let up; we’re on the road to nowhere.” Thus starts “Rush Hour,” the opening track on StoneRider’s release and -- while I think this album was a trip -- it certainly went anywhere but nowhere.

I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting from this band, but I think they delivered quite a bit. They brought out bits of AC/DC and Guns N' Roses plus some definitely thick, old, fuzzed-out 70s style riffage as well.

StoneRider tends to jab a bit more with numerous mid-level type hooks rather than going for the big knockout punch. I think that approach suits them because there is very little gliding here as plenty of songs see the band working steadily to maintain the momentum throughout. The most important aspect of that approach is that it makes the entire band seem really tight as a whole. They keep pumping out rhythms and ideas while working steadily to stay in motion.

"Three Legs of Trouble" is a bit of a deceptively busy album because not many of their parts are particularly that involved, but the many little bits and attention to detail make the songs feel very filling in the end.

The only real complaint I had was I would have like to seen a little more energy at times because, toward the end, there were a few songs that just felt like the band was being a little too careful.

StoneRider have put forth an album that has them sounding very comfortable with what they are doing and they deliver in giving fans a whole lot to soak in.

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