"Echoes of a Lost Paradise" (Massacre; 2015)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

I don't know if it's because this is my first experience with Stormhammer (sadly, I missed the band's first album from six years ago) or what, but I truly enjoyed "Echoes of a Lost Paradise."

I say that because many (but not all) of my peers have reviewed "Echoes of a Lost Paradise" and found it "typical" and "forgettable." Not me. I love Stormhammer's Manowar meets Helloween meets Blind Guardian kind of sound and this CD sounds great blaring at full blast from my car stereo.

Epic power metal with every cliché firmly and proudly in place, Stormhammer rips through the dozen tracks on "Echoes of a Lost Paradise" with reckless abandon. I can't compare the band's new vocalist with their previous one (seeing as I missed the first CD) but I like Jürgen Dachl's raw style. It's bold and monstrous and not perfect just as it should be. The music fits perfectly with the testosterone-laced lyrics and the production is rough and not slick; over-production here could have killed this album.

I'm going to listen to "Echoes of a Lost Paradise" a lot and this CD has made me very much look forward to the next one; and I'm going back and getting the first one, too!

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