"In the Wake of Determination" (Maverick.; 2005)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

I enjoyed Story of the Year's sophomore CD much more than I expected to. Although the first few moments of the Track #1, "We Don't Care Anymore," made me roll my eyes with anticipated cliché overload, the CD quickly picked up steam, delivering a surprisingly strong and fairly unique sound.

More than just another CD by yet another screamo band, "In the Wake of Determination" gets points for its inclusion of and morphing of various genres. There are angry punk rock riffs at time, hardcore pounding at others. There are brief Limp Bizkit-like interludes (most notably on "Sleep") and impressive elements of classic rock at others, especially the guitar solos.

It would all be a little more palatable with a different style vocals. The vocals on "In the Wake" aren't intolerable, but they are rather two-dimensional and loudly bland.

Still, this energetic CD is entertaining throughout and recommended to anyone with a taste for modern sound that's not laden with boring rock clichés.

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