"Nothing That Is Still" (Self-produced; 2003)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Sublux formed in early 2001 with no idea of what their musical ruminations would end up sounding like. Sublux features the work of noise rockers Compression's Greg Scelsi. In Sublux, Scelsi is the band's bassist and seems like a totally different person. Scelsi is joined by Brian Dawson, Jarrod Feintuch, and Michael Hampton and the four members create the new entity of Sublux from music's more organic elements.

Sublux is definitely in the vein of Icelandic atmospheric rockers Sigur Ros. However, Sublux incorporate trance-like loops that hint at the spacey vibe of recent efforts by The Gathering and add a progressive angle to their material that isn't unlike what Porcupine Tree attempts to achieve with their instrumental pieces. The vocals match more closely with Sigur Ros rather than either The Gathering or Porcupine Tree in the sense that the words aren't immediately discernible and act more as its own instrument.

"Nothing That Is Still" features six tracks and a running time of nearly 49 minutes. As one might guess the pace is slow and deliberate. But that doesn't mean "Nothing That Is Still" lacks focus or a sense of direction. It is often said that the journey itself is often more rewarding than reaching the destination -- such is true with Sublux's "Nothing That Is Still." Each song's eventual resolution is not nearly as exciting as hearing each tracks evolve, unfold, and reveal their final shape. Patience is a virtue and it is personified with "Nothing That Is Still."

"Nothing That Is Still" was produced by Sublux and recorded by Mike Potter at Orion Studios.

Sublux is Jarrod Feintuch on guitar and vocals, Brian Dawson on guitars, Greg Scelsi on bass and loops, and Michael Hampton on drums.

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