"In Due Time" (Wind-up; 2004)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Submersed's "In Due Time" is another in the seemingly endless parade of bands that almost sound alike signed by Wind-up Records. This is not a dig at Wind-up Records. The label's huge success proves that they have a rare knack for discovering bands that people want to listen to, and I'll be surprised if Submersed doesn't generate more than their share of airplay and record sales. 

But "In Due Time" falls more into the "clone" arena (12 Stones, Atomship) than the "original" arena (Drowning Pool, Evanescence, Seether) of the Wind-up roster. It's not a bad record by any stretch of the imagination: It's well-produced, the songs are competently written, it's performed with plenty of talent and charisma. It just isn't very different than so many other bands out there - especially other bands on the Wind-up label.

Interestingly, unlike those other bands, "In Due Time" is at its best when the band slows down. When Submersed isn't striving to rock your socks off (relatively, of course), their music becomes much more emotional and involving. 

Solid but unspectacular, "In Due Time" will appeal to fans of Creed and other like bands but may not be different enough to stand the test of time on its own.

Submersed: Donald Carpenter - vocals; Eric Friedman - guitar, background vocals; TJ Davis - guitar; Garrett Whitlock - drums; Kelan Luker - bass.

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