"60,000 Years" (Arclight; 2005)

Reviewed by Mike SOS


What a name, huh? Luckily for this Texas quartet, they can back up their moniker with a bevy of bulky, bong-fueled, boogie-down barrages that would find solace in a southern swampland. 

Thick, rich, and -- oh, yeah -- real spacey, "60,000 Years" takes the nuances of stoner rock and metal and fuses them into a cohesive cluster that fills your head with the kind of visions that they used to lock people away for having. 

Giving props and nods to ZZ Top, Sabbath, Monster Magnet, and Skynyrd, songs like the syrupy "Druglord" meanders considerably before the boys hit the full throttle guitar button and are up and running in seconds flat, sounding like a duel to the death between Billy Gibbons and Tony Iommi, while the driving-the-nail-through-your-skull stance of "Best Friend" has got that QOTSA stomp meeting up with Sixty Watt Shaman's sonic side. 

Superheavygoatass may sound funny, but their mix of Texas two-step, stoner rock shimmy, monolithic metal, and whiskey-soaked wisdom ain't nothing to mess with. "60,000 Years" rejuvenates the sounds of hard rock circa 1977 convincingly.

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