"Crime of the Century" 40th Anniversary Edition (A&M; 1974/2014)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

I've admitted on our weekly internet radio show, Rough Edge Radio, that I don't know much about Supertramp. I never followed the band when they were the big thing, and I really only know their hits. That being said, I've recently begun to explore the band and was very excited when I heard about this 40th Anniversary Edition of "Crime of the Century."

And there are some big hits here, too: "Bloody Well Right" and "Dreamer" are on this album and, if you're not familiar with those two tracks, you've probably never listened to classic rock radio. But those are only two of the eight tracks on the original "Crime of the Century" album and, frankly, the remaining tracks surprised me. Based on what I heard on those two hits, I expected the rest of this album to be more hits-based. In other words, songs that were designed to be played on the radio. But that isn't the case. Instead, "Crime of the Century" is an amazing progressive rock album that isn't afraid to be expansive and to take chances.

I won't go too much into the original album of "Crime of the Century" since that record is, obviously, forty years old now and everything that can said about it has been said. But let me tell you this about this new edition: It sounds great! Recently remastered by Ray Staff at Air Studios, "Crime of the Century" is an astounding sounding CD. The music just can't be clearer and the tones are perfect. Even the silence sounds ... well, silent. This is a record meant to be listened to on headphones, and in a quiet room. The sound quality is simply amazing!

And, if you're a fan of that original album, and perhaps its follow-up ("Crisis? What Crisis?") this 40th Anniversary Edition includes a second CD, a live recording of the band from the Hammersmith Odeon in 1975, mixed from the original tapes. Not surprisingly, it sounds amazing, too, and the band plays the entire "Crime of the Century" CD as well as new music from their then unreleased "Crisis?" album (including "Lady").

I haven't heard the previously re-mastered album from 2002 so I can't compare this 40th Anniversary Release to that, but I will say that fans of the original "Crime of the Century" CD who are looking to upgrade their collection simply cannot go wrong with this latest release.

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