"Fire, Walk With Me" (Sound Riot; 2003)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

"Fire, Walk With Me" is a dynamic progressive rock CD that is highlighted by its multi-guitar attack and a vocalist who really knows how to use his pipes. 

Like most records in the genre, "Fire, Walk With Me" is at its best when the band puts the pedal to the metal. Although the slower, sweeter tracks (like "So Far Away") aren't going to make you dive for the "next" button, they don't really add much to the CD either. It's the more fiery tracks, such as the opener, "Bounded by Hate," and "Under the Crossed Bones," that really fly. I particularly like the dirty, grinding groove of "Tormented" as well.

Vocalist Criss Blackburn sounds like a unique blend of Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson with a little Michael Kiske thrown in for good measure and the triple threat of guitars gives "Fire, Walk With Me" a deep and solid sound.

Fans of such varied bands like Helloween and Manowar will find something to like here.

VII Gates: Criss Blackburn: vocals; Tim Diaz: keyboards, guitars; Robert ‘Basti’ Makek: guitars; JJ Rockford: guitars; Moe Aison: bass; Mick van Slowfoot: drums. Also appearing on the CD are: Kee Marcello of Europe, Chris Amott of Arch Enemy; Tommy Denander of Radioactive, Janne Stark of Locomotive Breath, Stefan Ingelstrand and Apollo of Time Requiem.

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