"Division" (Universal; 2008)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Metal, alternative and progressive; that's the only metal I invest in - you can keep your gold. 10 Years have a familiar sound and they might be attempting a feat that already has a winner but the music has a bite to it and I like that. There aren't any solos but that's okay, they make up for with some great acoustics and crunchy rhythms.

The vocals sound like Chevelle and the guitar is strong when they crank out a jam. When something acoustic begins a song it's just the intro to the blammo! The guitar is very full and its going all the time; even when it's just moving from speaker to speaker the sound grows on you. Every now and then some Tool will emerge but it's too infrequent and, even though I love Tool, I think if you're going to play them do it for at least a couple of stanzas.

The drums are really strong when the guitar is going along, they have some post-grunge stuff every now and then and it fits well with their progressive traits. Toward the end of the disc the songs slow down a bit but that's normal when you run fast from the start. The choruses are catchy and the harmonies make this band one of the better when it comes to vocals.

Cue these up: "Actions & Motives," "Just Can't Win," "Beautiful," "11:00am (Daydreamer)," "Russian Roulette," "Picture Perfect (In Your Eyes)," "All Your Lies," and "Alabama."

10 Years: Jesse Hasek vocals; Ryan "Tater" Johnson guitar; Matt Wantland guitar; Lewis "Big Lew" Cosby bass; Brian Vodinh drums, guitar , backing vocals.

For more information, check out http://www.10yearsmusic.com or http://www.myspace.com/10years.

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