"The Infinite Wonders of Creation" (Magic Circle; 2006)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Luca Turilli, the heartbeat of Italian power metal troupe Rhapsody, unleashes a solo album, his third, en titled "The Infinate Wonders of Creation."

Following in his other project's footsteps, this 10-track endeavor features a broad musical scope that could easily be tied into a cinematic endeavor of some sorts. This CD tackles a wide range of heady topics (ranging from nature to philosophy of life) while maintaining a bountiful array of keyboard spruces and omnipresent piano-led pieces.

The ready- for- Broadway "Silver Moon," the meaty guitars of "Mother Earth," and the richly developed orchestrations throughout the entire offering make this disc is a prog rock fan's fantasy realized and undeniably casts Turilli into the upper echelon of symphonic rock's hierarchy.

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"Prophet of the Last Eclipse" (Limb; 2002)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Best known for his flawless guitar work with the power metal outfit Rhapsody, Luca Turilli has branched out and released a solo effort. 

This ten track release conveys a more symphonic sound and seems to be a bit on the extravagant side as far as power metal goes - the pervasive sounds of angelic choirs and electronic interludes charge "Prophet of the Last Eclipse." 

Operatic and even touching on some of the auras of new age-dom, Luca Turilli's artistic vision supercedes his metal roots quite often here, creating an album of epic proportions in the process. While Turilli labels his music "cosmic symphonies," there are ample chunks of six-string heroism within to satisfy the progressive metal fans that have an ear for the ornate or those who hail the shred guitar. 

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