"Look What We Dug Up, Some More Porn Rock!" (Swill Product / Jefro Records; 1997)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Apparently, Detroit's The Ted Bundys have been called the "Frank Zappa of heavy metal." And, listening to this CD, one can imagine why. "Look What We Dug Up" is an eccentric collection of rock'n'roll that runs the sounds-like gamut from Alice Cooper to Marilyn Manson to Ozzy Osbourne (in fact, the first track is entitled "Ozzy Made Me Do It") - all run through the Frank Zappa bizarro filter.

Part of that eccentricity may be due to the fact that "Look What We Dug Up" is, according to the liner notes, is a collection of "rarities and live tracks from the last decade." If nothing else, the songs contained on this CD sound as they came from different eras and - since the songs are copyrighted from 1989 - 1997 - that's exactly the case. Particularly notable is "Kelly Brown Is My Love Goddess" which was originally recorded in 1993 but features new vocals here, recorded in 1995.

Regardless, the talent of the musicians hereon is obvious and I wouldn't mind hearing more from the band's "regular" releases. The live songs sound surprisingly close to studio tracks. 

Despite its scattershot variety, "Look What We Dug Up..." isn't a bad collection and is obviously the kind of thing fans of the band would like to have in their collection.

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