"Circadian Rhythm" (Shiver Records; 2007)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

What I originally thought was a one-man project, save for a few outside vocal contributions, is really a full-fledged band project. Belgian metallers Thurisaz formed in 1997 and patiently worked on their craft.  “Circadian Rhythm” is the second full-length and fourth offering overall from this black/death outfit.

After a short keyboard-heavy intro that suggests a majestic gothic album is in store, “Circadian Rhythms” reveals its true sound in the manner of a symphonic black/death metal sound with doom and atmospheric metal underpinnings. Thurisaz’s songs are Opeth-like in their form and structure (i.e. progressive), but not particularly in their overall sound. Rather than the rage and force of black metal bands (symphonic or not), Thurisaz derive their power from the speedier elements of what makes power metal occasionally great and the deft pace changes that is typical of the best black metal bands. The infusion of vocal and melodic melancholy varies the band’s approach and style sufficiently while giving the band a unique edge over some other bands in the genre. Thurisaz move through eight songs after the obligatory mood-setting intro track – these tracks are strengthened by superior song-writing and what appears to be unwavering conviction to the band’s style.

The vocals are varied (screams, grunts, clean vox, and whispers) with four of the five band members contributing to the vocals. Spoken word parts give the disc added depth and emotion.

While not terribly original “Circadian Rhythm” is a good listen to my ears. “Circadian Rhythm” is the sound of a confident band that has a strong vision for their music and does everything in their power to achieve that vision. The bottom-line is that “Circadian Rhythm” is a pleasant surprise and will likely end up being one of the better surprises of 2007.

“Circadian Rhythm” was produced by Thurisaz and engineered by Kris (CCR Studio).

Thurisaz: Theuwen Peter on grunts, clean vocals, and guitar; Theuwen Mattias on screams and guitars; Canniere Kobe on clean vocals and keyboards; Vereecke Lars on bass and whispers; and De Raeymaecker Pepijn on drums.

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