"Head on Straight" (Universal; 2002)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Tonic handed over the production reigns on this disc to Bob Rock. Rock helped to produce an arena sound that envelopes big guitars, strong melodies and a solid beat. Add in a soulful singer and you have a perfect combination that will delight Tonic fans across the board.

There is yearning and passion here as well as angst-ridden lyrics for a well rounded capsule of emotions. The guitar is very well done; the bass and drums are on an equal level as well. Those who like The Wallflowers for sentiment and those who like Third Eye Blind and The Black Crowes for guitar will find Tonic just as appealing.

Tonic seems very focused and determined to give their fans something that will be played again and again. “Irish” has excellent guitar in the style of Thin Lizzy and U2. “Come Rest Your Head” has a blues style to show that this band has talent past the normal chord progression.

The best cuts are “Roses,” “Take Me As I Am,” “Do You Know,” and “Come Rest Your Head.”

Tonic: Emerson Hart – vocals, guitar; Dan Lavery – bass, vocals; Jeff Russo – lead guitar, vocals.

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"Lemon Parade" (A&M; 1996)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Tonic’s debut release has all the rich music creativity that traps and keeps music lovers. With chugging guitars on half the tracks and smooth vocals to even the keel, Tonic created a great disc with "Lemon Parade." 

“If You Could Only See” was their first single and it garnered a lot of radio play. Although "Lemon Parade" is heavy with guitars, the band also ventures into acoustic waters and do so with a strong song called “Mountain.”

The lyrics are the attention-getting element here. Tonic is not afraid of change, whether it's in themselves or in others, and the songs they pen prove that. This is one CD that you can put on and immerse yourself in its artistry.

The best cuts are “Open Up Your Eyes,” “Casual Affair,” “If You Could Only See,” and “Wicked Soldier.” 

This CD was produced by Jack Joseph Puig who also produced Jellyfish and The Black Crowes.

Tonic: Emerson Hart - vocals, guitar; Dan Rothchild - bass, vocals; Jeff Russo - lead guitar, vocals.

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Self explanatory. Just the sight of the cover makes you wanna hurl.


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