"Sister Switchblade" (Modern Music; 2007)

Reviewed by Metal Mark

Australia's Tonk strike me as a band who know a lot of the basics concerning hooks, rhythm and other mandatory elements. They also manage to use volume to their advantage as they crank it up and are never subtle. The end results sound like a mixture of AC/DC, 80s KISS, Zodiac Mindwarp and others.

When the songs work it's like they come at you with quick, weighty punches as they hit at you with brief yet definite chops. Tonk gets points for their energy level, but where they fall short is in the creativity department. This is basic hard rock, but you still have to come to the table with enough ideas or something to sustain the songs for the duration of its run. There were too many times where this band would begin a track in decent fashion, but then they would run into a wall. The results were usually some parts that just kind sat there riding out the length of the song. The results of that were that my attention was quickly drifting elsewhere and my pointer finger was getting itchy to go and press the fast forward button to relieve me of the dull moment.

Now "Sister Switchblade" is more good than not, there are some obvious gaps that really need to be filled before this band can move beyond being more than just a decent act.

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