"Turn the Page" (Front Row Seat Media; 2003)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Those as disappointed as I was with Bon Jovi's last offering ("This Left Feels Right," reviewed here) can take some solace in the fact that Tower is still doing melodic hard rock right. 

"Turn the Page" is melodic hard rock with tons of hooks, irresistible choruses and songwriting that strays away from the norm but never so far as to alienate the listener. Add to that the awesome vocal work of Joshua Perahia's Jerry Gabriel and "Turn the Page." Gabriel is one of those singers who brings power to rock anthems and emotional soul to the ballads. Throughout "Turn the Page," Gabriel's voice is a highlight.

As with most albums of this type, there are a couple of slow ballads that tend to bog things down. "Rain" is one, a sticky sweet  acoustic number. "My Heartache Ways" is another. Both songs aren't bad for ballads, but they don't offer the genre anything new, either.

Most of the songs, however, are strong melodic rockers that are more comparable to the aforementioned Bon Jovi than Queensryche or Whitesnake. Others have compared Tower to those bands, but I just don't hear it. And, of course, I'm talking "New Jersey" or "Keep the Faith" Bon Jovi here, certainly not "This Left Feels Right." Standouts include the disc's first tune, "I'd Give You My Life," "Can't You See" and "Doesn't Really Matter."

Tower: Jerry Gabriel - lead and backup vocals; Bob Nellis - drums; Pernu - bass; Mike Robson - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, guitar synthesizer and backup vocals; Chris Tanaka - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, guitar synthesizer and backup vocals. Also performing on "Turn the Page" are Lance Crane, Diane and Nina Williams, Nancy Hughes, Don Ghio, Bill Kordel.

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