"The Ali of Rock" (Locomotive; 2006)

Reviewed by Edwin Van Hoof

The TraceeLords are the long running project of ex-Sodom and Brings members which have shot to fame in their homeland Germany with previous releases. The band delivers melodic rock with raging guitars and a humorous note. The music is hard to classify, but one might call it fast-food heavy rock with a punky attitude.

The main question is whether anyone outside of Germany is waiting eagerly to take the bait from these fun rockers. And that is a tough question to answer indeed. Much like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and related acts, The Traceelords attract a diverse crowd, which seems growing. And yes: The TraceeLords are able to crash a party and create their own instantly with their attitude and funny rock. 

Tracks go from German reliability, a la “She’s Back," to experimental, funny tracks like the hilarious, polka accordion-fueled “Mr. Marple”, with its cynical lyrics and acapella vocals. Or do you prefer a hard hitter? The punky treat in “Silver Lining” and “Everything is Just Perfect,” the powerful (Heideroosjes reminiscent) “Instead” with its raging guitars, or the cocky “Tear Out My Own Heart,” simply add up to the enthusiasm and fun that drips off of the edges of this release. Even the melancholy on the dark acoustic “Lost” works for this act. Their hit potential is proven as well on the smash “My Evil Girlfriend” which will do perfect in the European charts.

The TraceeLords manage to blend in perfectly with every punky and attitude-rocking metal act out there, and will do the same in the party scene. The band is able to bring influences from all genres and eras to life on “The Ali of Rock,” covering the sixties and the nu millennium without blinking their eyes. 

Whether or not the band will be able to make a big break with this diverse and weird CD has yet to be seen, but "The Ali of Rock" definitely has a lot more to offer than might be expected at first sight. The TraceeLords are simply a band worth checking out yourself. Like their namesake, they just won't go down!

The Traceelords: Andy Brings – vocals, guitars; Christof Leim – guitars; Slick Prolidol– bass, vocals; Haan Hartmann - drums. 

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