"Memory of a Dream" (Candlelight; 2007)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Over the last couple of years my musical tastes have gone in a couple of directions. First, I’ve rediscovered a love for the classic rock sound – this has not only brought me joy but has enlightened me to the stark contrasts that metal can provide. Second, I have found myself shifting my listening preferences toward more extreme/atmosphere type sounds – bands like Isis, Cult of Luna, Neurosis, and Pelican dominate this landscape for me. It is this strange dichotomy that has broadened my musical horizons and afforded me the opportunity to more greatly appreciate the colors and shade that extreme/atmosphere bands like Transmisson0 offer.

Now you can add Transmission0 to my list of extreme/atmosphere bands. I was so pleasantly surprised by Transmission0’s “0” that I really was forced me to consider a lot of things. Transmission0 are one of those hallmark bands in my listening experience that will be quite hard to forget.

Often described as “post-hardcore” Transmission0 bring brutality and beauty into equal billing on “Memory of a Dream.” The epic sweep of nearly every track envelopes the listener into swirling maelstroms of emotions. And as harrowing as those emotions might be, the tracks find room for catharsis whereby the listener binges and purges the flood of primal energy. Those tracks that don’t fit the definition of epic are still wrought with emotional arcs not heard of in recent years. For my money the tracks “Condor” and “Token” may be the best tracks I’ve heard so far in 2007.

“Memory of a Dream” was produced by Transmission0.

Transmission0: Michiel van der Avoird on keyboards and vocals, Mischa van Rodijen on guitar and vocals, Leon de Groot on guitar, Dave van Beek on bass, and Bart Waalen on drums.

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"Memory of a Dream" (Candlelight; 2007)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Dutch metal troupe Transmission0 sure has a hankering for creating progressively-tinged epic metal, as their 10-track "Memory of a Dream" aptly displays this outfit’s expansive nature and lavish song arrangements. 

Tracks like “Paracas” builds from a succession of dense layers of riffs, while a more discernible electronic pulse dictates the approach found on “Token.”

If you dig the work of bands like Isis, Cult of Luna, Killing Joke, and Pelican, chances are this quintet’s flair for the heady will appeal to you and your adventurous side. 

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"Ø" (Go-Kart; 2004)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

When I saw that I'd received an album for review that was on the Go-Kart label I said to myself "Whoa – looks like my editor made a mistake." I then also realized that Transmission0 is Dutch – Good Lord, there's a Dutch band on Go-Kart Records! – what is the world coming to? Isn't Go-Kart a label for American hardcore bands? It wasn't but two minutes into "Ø" that I said to myself, "You're such a dumbass for making such a poor generalization of Go-Kart Records."

After settling down I gave "Ø" the proper attention that it deserved. "Ø" is an enlightened blend of hardcore, electronics, and atmosphere that brings Cult Of Luna to mind. Even some of the understated spoken word parts that float beneath some of the band's quieter moments and heavy use of keyboards reminds me of how Mindrot so successfully added atmospheric elements to their unadulterated rage.

"Ø" tends to lean heavily on the slower pace of things which actually gives the heavier and harsher parts more impact. It's a tried and true formula to be sure, but Transmission0 seem to have all the right elements in place at all times. Other words that could describe "Ø" are progressive and hypnotic.

Transmission0's "Ø" is a very cool release that caught me totally and completely off guard. "Ø" is by far the best surprise of 2004 to have crossed my desk.

"Ø" was engineered and mixed by Mischa Van Rodijnen.

Transmission0: Michiel van der Avoird on keyboards and vocals, Mischa van Rodijen on guitar and vocals, Leon de Groot on guitar, Dave van Beek on bass, and Bart Waalen on drums.

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