"True Parallels" (Geffen; 2005)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton


With "True Parallels," Trust Company get points for steering away from the pop punk sounds of Blink 182 wannabe bands (read spongerock), but this emo extravaganza -- although more interesting than most -- wears out its welcome quickly. About half way through the disc, you've heard about all you want to, and that means there's still about seven songs to go (if you count the 13th and hidden track "Retina").

Like Creed, Trust Company is at their best when the guitars are crunching and the rhythms are faster paced. The emotionally loaded, nearly angelic vocals combine with the crashing guitars for an interesting, juxtaposed (if not all that original) sound. However, when things slow down and begin to really ooze angst, loneliness and other dire feelings, "True Parallels" becomes dull at best, annoying at worst.

Still, credit should be given where credit is due and - while "True Parallels" will have you reaching for the skip button every now and then, there are other times you'll be cranking up the volume and tapping your toe.

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