"Threshold of Revelation" (Season of Mist; 2006)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Progressive metal unit Twelfth Gate play with the technical fervor and aggressive edge of bands like Nevermore and Symphony X, meshing blistering death metal riffs with melodic metal vocals on their latest endeavor, Threshold of Revelation." 

This Chicago quintet's darkened and heavy-handed assault is more Death and less Dream Theater, as the twin guitars weave intricate tapestries that the fearless rhythm section handles dutifully on tracks like "Together Divided" and "Branded."

Thrashing at times, bone-jarringly heavy at others, yet somehow maintaining a melodic middle ground thanks to some stellar vocal gymnastics, Twelfth Gate's hybrid metal sound has something for every discerning headbanger awaiting the new Iron Maiden and Iced Earth releases. 

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"Summoning" (Crash Music; 2003)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

I liked "Summoning" right from the get-go. However, just like Antithesis' "Dying For Life," I was finding it hard to put into words not only why I liked it, but how much I liked it.

For me, Twelfth Gate sound like what you would get if you crossed the prog/death influence of Control Denied with heavier elements of Nevermore. I know that description should get more than a few people excited. On top of that the band adds in a little bit of classic thrash sounds and Euro-centric power metal and you get an even more dicey, if not exactly clearer, picture of what I'm hearing when Twelfth Gate's "Summoning."

One of the more interesting things about "Summoning" is the particularly prominent role bass guitarist Rob Such plays in Twelfth Gate's sound. It's one of the reasons that the band's sound gets a dose of famed bassist Steve DiGiorgio's recognizable sound and the easy reference to Control Denied. Vocalist Scott Huffman sings more like a power metal vocalist than a thrash metal vocalist, but doesn't skimp on the power or drama when he sings. Guitarist Rich Knight is a monster on "Summoning." Knight's skillful playing, both as a rhythm guitarist and a lead guitarist, is the backbone of the Twelfth Gate sound; Knight's skills behind the board for the engineering and mixing process no doubt help the band achieve its major league sound so early in its career. Drummer Mike Nevaril keeps things interesting throughout - he plays simple beats when the music calls for something simple and plays with bursts of aggression when the song's heavier moments demand it.

There are eleven songs on "Summoning" and not a weak one among them. I have listened to "Summoning" countless times since receiving it and I'm not the least bit tired of it.

"Summoning" was produced by Chris Djuricic and Twelfth Gate.

Twelfth Gate is Scott Huffman on vocals, Rich Knight on guitars, Rob Such on bass, and Mike Nevaril on drums.

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