"Sincerely Yours" (Killing Jar Records; 2005)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter


As you can tell from my earlier review of Twenty Ripped Angel’s debut independent full-length (below), I think the band has the kind of work ethic, style, and historical precedent to really stand out in the industrial metal genre. “Sincerely Yours,” the band’s first official label release on Killing Jar Records, is further evidence that what I originally heard on their debut is now more fully realized.

“Sincerely Yours” is a major step forward for Twenty Ripped Angel. With this new disc it appears that the band’s approach hasn’t changed, but the end results are better. Twenty Ripped Angel, then and now, are aiming square for the dark, sinister side of the industrial genre’s wide swath of melodic mayhem. And they succeed – quite well I might add.

Throughout thirteen tracks (ten songs and three nightmarish interludes) Twenty Ripped Angel cut an organic and jagged cut deep through industrial metal’s often sterile sound and style. All the while Twenty Ripped Angel evoke hypnotic and haunting sounds which gives them solid comparison’s to the genre’s hallmarks and metal’s edginess. “Sincerely Yours” captures a band gaining confidence, charging forward, and making a statement.

With “Sincerely Yours” Twenty Ripped Angel are making their case for the major leagues.

“Sincerely Yours” was produced by Twenty Ripped Angel and Dave Nachodsky.

Twenty Ripped Angel: Fritz T. Fell on vocals, W. Sawczuk on guitar, Cyril Charles on bass, Rob Rabon on keyboards and programming, and S. Von Zeigler on drums.

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"Sincerely Yours" (Killing Jar Records; 2005)

Reviewed by Snidermann


Twenty Ripped Angel not only has a very cool band name, but they are also a metal outfit that cuts music in the vein of White Zombie. "Sincerely Yours" is full of dark and twisted images that make it seem as though you are in a horror movie ... and not one of those new PG-13 rated pieces of crap, either but a full-on, R-rated horror movie. 

The music is hard and very well executed with major attitude and plenty of heart. "Sincerely Yours" is an apt title here because Twenty Ripped Angel has a grasp of the macabre and I was instantly drawn into their sound. Not only by their music but by the emotions that music drew out. 

Sometimes, I think parts of "Sincerely Yours" are over produced, as though the band thought too much about what they were doing. Maybe they tried to sound too much like Rob Zombie et al. Either way, what you get here is dark heavy metal music, played very real talent. Watch out, Zombie: Twenty Ripped Angel is putting your tricks to work to produce an excellent album with a sound all their own.

Twenty Ripped Angel: Fritz T. Fell on vocals, W. Sawczuk on guitar, Cyril Charles on bass, Rob Rabon on keyboards and programming, and S. Von Zeigler on drums.

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"Days Full of Night" (Lime Records; 2004)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter


When Rough Edge Radio started, it made me think a little bit harder about taking some time out to support local talent here in Baltimore that had not quite gotten the recognition they deserved. I was paging through Maryland's regional monthly music magazine and a show advertisement for the band Twenty Ripped Angel happened to catch my eye. It was quite obvious from the band's name and imagery provided that Twenty Ripped Angel were a hard rock/heavy metal band of some variety.

I contacted the band for a review copy of their debut CD "Days Full Of Night" and they responded immediately and promptly forwarded the disc. Twenty Ripped Angel, in just a couple of quick actions, have separated themselves from more than 99% of unsigned and/or independent bands. Twenty Ripped Angel get high marks for their work ethic and this bodes well for their future.

I'm not as familiar with bands like Godhead and Marilyn Manson as I should be, but I have a strong feeling after listening to "Days Full Of Night" that Twenty Ripped Angel play their brand of industrialized gothic metal along those lines. The eleven songs on "Days Full Of Night" feature enough variety to distinguish one song from another – to me that's an impressive feat for an independent and young band. The tracks "On The Way To Hell," "Beautiful Nothing," and "Sixth" are quite distinctive and will probably be strong elements of the band's growing success. The vocals on "Days Full Of Night" have a surprisingly crisp rasp not too unlike most black metal band vocals. As such the vocal style makes it a little difficult to understand the lyrics upon initial listens.

While Baltimore is more of a modern rock haven (SR-71 and Jimmy's Chicken Shack come immediately to mind) there have been a few metal bands over the years that can call Baltimore home (the aforementioned Godhead, Dying Fetus, Misery Index, and the long gone Wrathchild America). Baltimore tends to allow complete freedom of expression even at the expense of popular acceptance. Thus, all bands from Baltimore tend to have some unique elements that are simply not going to allow for mass popularity. And that's where Twenty Ripped Angel's blend of hard rock, gothic metal, and industrial sounds are not only unique enough so that it's easy to believe they're from Charm City, but perhaps can toe the line of commercial success to actually break free of the constraints of minor league success that most Baltimore-based bands get.

For an independent release, "Days Full Of Night" has a great layout and stark packaging that makes the overall presentation of the disc hard to forget.

While the two-and-a-half chainsaw rating is more a reflection of my particular views of the band's style I can definitely say that Twenty Ripped Angel have seemingly captured the essence of the industrial/Goth sound without being mere clones of the better names of the genre. Twenty Ripped Angel have a lot of potential and I believe if they stick to their guns they get recognized on a wider scale.

"Days Full Of Night" was produced by Twenty Ripped Angel and Dave Nachodsky. The production is very well done for an independent release. However, the seemingly intentional ‘scratchiness' of the band's overall sound is incessant and does get a little tiresome at times.

Twenty Ripped Angel: Fritz T. Fell on vocals, W. Sawczuk on guitar, Cyril Charles on bass, and S. Von Zeigler on drums.

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