"XXV" (Regain; 2008)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

To commemorate their 25-year run as the premiere Polish death metal band, Vader has released "XXV," a twin-disc set which finds the band re-recording a slew of their songs from their humble beginnings to their later works.

Adorned with liner notes explaining each track straight from mainman Peter as well as benefiting from the technological advances of recording in a studio in 2008, Vader put their legacy to the test and once again show why they've been such a dominant force in the underground metal scene for all these years.

The re-recordings of such death metal staples as “Sothis,” “Blood of Kings,” and “Dark Age” showcase a sharpened brutal edge complete with the troupe's trademark deathly growls, whammy-bar acrobatics, and pummeling rhythms coming across as powerful and enraged as ever.

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"Lead Us!" (Regain; 2008)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Poland's premiere death metal clan Vader comes back with a stopgap offering in the form of "Lead Us!" 

This mixed-multimedia presentation features an EP of  four tracks of audio carnage and three video clips, culminating in the group letting the audience in on a cleaning out its closet of sorts. 

Providing a nice holdover until the next Vader full length (which, at this band's pace, should be arriving any day now), the flawless cover of the Slayer classic "Reign in Blood" makes picking up this disc worth the price alone. 

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"Impressions in Blood" (Candlelight; 2006)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Polish pulverizers Vader unleash their warmongering mayhem once again on "Impressions in Blood," a bludgeoning, ten track affair which once again solidifies this unit's place atop the death metal elite. 

Still pumping out furious songs like the grave "Field of Heads" and the blistering rapid-fire of "Amongst the Ruins," Vader is one of the unsung death metal outfits whose bark is as significantly lethal as its bite, as is showcased on tracks like the Viking-esque metal of "Warlords."

Taking no prisoners and keeping it ferocious throughout, strike another victory for this extreme metal entity.

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"The Art of War" (Candlelight; 2005)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Vader supplies your death metal fix with this six-song holdover EP, further solidifying this Polish powerhouse’s place amongst death metal’s elite. 

From the cinematic opener, “Para Bellum,” that yields to the mercilessly metallic “This is the War,” a maelstrom of malice courtesy of this quartet is dredged up, unleashing a fury of dastardly double-bass drumming, galvanized guitar runs, and fiercely barked vocals that encompass the evils of battle. 

In the vein of Bolt Thrower and Kreator, Vader has transcended time and gets inside the mindset of war, in turn releasing yet another benchmark album by which others shall be judged. 

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"Blood + Reign Forever World" (Metal Blade; 2003)

Reviewed by Spudbeast

I had never heard Poland's Vader before this CD came into my hands, but - after listening to this CD several times through - I'm glad it did.

"Blood + Reign Forever World" is actually two Vader EPs from 2001 and 2002, combined onto one CD. Included are studio tracks, covers and live tracks. 

Throughout, Vader is fast, guttural and unrelenting. Every song is a brutal audio assault. Fans of any death metal band will find Vader to their liking. 

The best racks on the CD are the original cuts, "Son of Fire" and "Shape-Shifting," as well as the band's cover version of Judas Priest's classic "Rapid Fire" and Mayhem's "Freezing Moon." 

"Blood + Reign Forever World" was enough to make me hunt down some of Vader's previous work, and I very much look forward to their next full-length, due sometime later this year.

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"Revelations" (Metal Blade; 2002)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

If I had any doubts that anyone read the CD reviews on the pages of Rough Edge they were erased with my review of Vader's previous release "Litany." So many readers took exception to my having given "Litany" a three chainsaw review that my in box was flooded with derogatory comments and immature snipes. Hey, if you ask me, the review I gave "Litany" was pretty decent aside from the fact that the words might have expected many Vader fans to see at least three and a half chainsaws in the heading.

In any case, I've had two years to digest "Litany," and, with the help (and constant prodding) of a friend, I have come to appreciate Vader's brand of death metal. Additionally, "Revelations" is one of the more anticipated CDs to hit record store shelves in 2002 (or does everyone just buy on-line these days?). As always, Vader's technical skills get high marks from me, but how were the songs? At all times on "Revelations" Vader are locked in like a killing machine adding rhythmic grooves that propel the band's music to new heights.

Just from hearing the first track, "Epitaph," I knew I was going to like "Revelations" more than "Litany." "Epitaph" seamlessly moves from mid-paced crushing grooves to violent death metal machine gun rhythms. "Wolftribe" features some backing vocals that caught me a little off guard; it sounds like Vader took their time with the songs on this effort and "Wolftribe" is a perfect example of the improvement. "When Darkness Calls" is a mid-paced number that has been getting airplay on Music Choice that I found to be one of the more instantly likable death metal songs I've ever heard. "The Code" is a jammin' tune that makes Polish death metal accessible to all fans of metal. The epic "Revelation Of The Black Moses" snakes its way relentlessly through your head. "Revelations" contains three bonus tracks culled from the mini-CD "Reign Forever World" that was released in late 2000 and features the stripped-down, speedkill sound that the band is famous for.

"Revelations" was produced by Piotr Wiwczarek.

Vader is Peter on vocals and guitars, Mauser on guitars, Simon on bass, and Doc on drums.

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"Litany" (Metal Blade; 2000)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Poland, ever struggling with the constant change to democracy, hasn't let its troubles prevent it from exporting heavy metal brutality to the rest of the world. Vader feeds off its own energy and "Litany" is no exception.

Vader's "Litany" is one of those CDs that is nearly impossible for me to describe accurately. Vader's brand of death metal has elements of brutal death mixed in with true metal's simpler approach; however, "Litany" still has a relentless aggressive edge. The constant pulse of "Litany" is like a steady stream of bullets ripping holes through your preconceptions of musical brutality.

"The Final Massacre," one of my favorite tracks, plays out like the soundtrack for the end of the world. "North" and "A World Of Hurt" are also a great tracks that elevate the brutal death form with integrity. 

I'm sure if "Litany" was played at a 'normal' speed the CD would be twice as long. However, there's no rest for the wicked and Vader get right down to business. Even though the songs are succinct, I appreciate Vader's grounding of the songs in earthy tones without superficial elements.

A bonus video clip of Vader performing "Cold Demons" is included. 

"Litany" was produced by Piotr Wiwczarek and Adam Toczko. 

Vader is Peter on guitars and vocals, Doc on drums, Shambo on bass, and Mauser on guitars. 

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