"Fantastic 4: The Album" (Wind-up Records)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Wind-up Records had incredible success with their soundtrack for the Ben Affleck film, "Daredevil." In fact, it could be said that the following huge popularity of Evanescence was due to their songs inclusion in both the film and accompanying soundtrack. The question with "Fantastic 4: The Album" is whether or not the CD can follow in its predecessor's footsteps.

"Fantastic 4: The Album" starts out strongly enough, with the energetic "Come On, Come In" by Velvet Revolver. The equally energetic, but decidedly alternative-edged "Error Operator" by Taking Back Sunday is up next. But things take a hard turn at track #3 with Chingy's "Relax." If there was any flow to this CD with only the first two tracks, it comes to a screeching halt with this soft rap track. Things get progressively weird from that point on, with the each track sounding as though it's coming from a completely different CD, rather than a single listening experience.

There's nothing wrong with that kind of eccentricity, as long as you're listening to the CD to discover bands and/or music you may not be familiar with. For example, Joss Stone's "Whatever Happened to the Heroes" will never get airplay on Rough Edge Radio, but it's a pretty good song. But, if you're popping this in your car stereo, you'll likely be punching the "next" button on your CD player often. And you'll punch it at different times, depending on what your mood is.

There are a number of notable tracks here, especially the aforementioned "Come On, Come In," Simple Plan's cover of the  Cheap Trick classic "Surrender" and the quiet roar of "Reverie" by Megan McCauley. Overall, however, "Fantastic 4: The Album" works better as a sampler than as a soundtrack CD.

1. Come On, Come In- Velvet Revolver 
2. Error Operator- Taking Back Sunday 
3. Relax- Chingy 
4. Whatever Happened To The Heroes- Joss Stone 
5. Waiting (Save Your Life)- Omnisoul 
6. Always Come Back To You- Ryan Cabrera 
7. Everything Burns- Anastacia; Ben Moody 
8. New World Symphony- Miri Ben-Ari featuring Pharoahe Monch 
9. Die For You- Megan McCauley 
10. Noots- Sum 41 
11. Surrender- Simple Plan 
12. I'll Take You Down- T.F.F. featuring Chris Cestor (from JET), Brody Dalle (from The Distillers), Dolf de Datsun (from The Datsuns) & Nick Zinner (from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) 
13. On Fire- Lloyd Banks 
14. Reverie- Megan McCauley 
15. Goodbye To You- Breaking Point 
16. Shed My Skin- Alter Bridge 
17. In Due Time- Submersed 
18. Disposable Sunshine- Loser 
19. Now You Know- Miss Eighty 6 featuring Classic 
20. Kirikirimai- Orange Range 

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