"Masters of Horror" (Immortal; 2005)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton


There's not much more than you can say about this huge, thirty track, double-disc collection of rock'n'roll that can't be said by simply reading through its tracklisting and understanding that every song in this collection is either entirely new or previously unreleased. That's a lot of new music, from bands you know and love to bands you may have heard of but never actually heard, to bands you are completely unfamiliar with. 

Somehow related to the television series of the same name, "Masters of Horror" features new (or previously unreleased) music from modern metal legends like Mudvayne, Shadows Fall, Mastodon, Avenged Sevenfold and In Flames as well as more alternative edged tunes from even newer bands like Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Bear Vs. Shark and Armor for Sleep.

As you might imagine from the rather eclectic line-up, it doesn't exactly flow perfectly. Some of the tunes on this CD fit with the tracks that precede and follow them like Clay Aiken would fit in at a Motorhead show. If you think of it as a learning experience, however -- during which you can discover a band or two you may not have otherwise heard -- all thirty tracks on "Masters of Horror" are worth a listen.

Again, unlike other compilations of its type, what makes "Masters of Horror" different is that it is all previously unreleased or brand new music. This isn't some re-hash of catalog songs gathered together to make a quick buck, but rather a collection of new stuff. Most of it kicks ass. Some of it doesn't. C'est la vie.

Complete tracklisting follows:
Disc 1
1. Small Silhouette, Mudvayne 
2. ShaunLuu, Norma Jean 
3. Enjoy The Silence, It Dies Today 
4. Lazarus (In The Wilderness), Funeral For A Friend 
5. You Will Remember Tonight, Andrew WK 
6. Very Invisible, Armor For Sleep 
7. What's Up Now, Scary Kids Scaring Kids 
8. This Is My Own, Shadowsfall 
9. Nervous Breakdown, The Bled 
10. End Of The Road, Murder By Death 
11. Division St (acoustic), Thursday 
12. Overload, Bloodsimple 
13. Megalodon (live), Mastodon 
14. Bottled Up, Death By Stereo 
15. At Least You Bought Her Flowers, Fall River 

Disc 2
1. We Are One, Buckethead feat. Serj Tankian 
2. Obstructed, Rise Against 
3. Bats!, The Bronx 
4. Betwixt Her Getaway Sticks, From Autumn To Ashes 
5. Keith The Music, Every Time I Die 
6. In Transit (For You), Matchbook Romance 
7. Hindsight, Bedlight For Blue Eyes 
8. We Can Never Break Up, Alkaline Trio 
9. Beast and the Harlot (live), Avenged Sevenfold 
10. Discover Me Like Emptiness, In Flames 
11. The Thin Red Line, A Change Of Pace 
12. Victoria Iceberg, Bear Vs Shark 
13. If Ever (acoustic), Gratitude 
14. 237, Fear Before The March Of Flames 
15. Contrast of Light and Dark, Yesterday's Rising 

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