"Too Fast For Love: A Millennium Tribute to Motley Crue" (Versaille; 2007)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

As advertised on its front cover, "Too Fast For Love" is a collection of Motley Crue cover songs performed by "current/former members of Motley Crue, WASP, Lillian Axe, Exodus, Poison, L.A. Guns, Cinderella, Dangerous Toys, Quiet Riot, Brides of Destruction, Jetboy, Warrant, Ratt, Dio, Union, Love Hate, Vince Neil Band, Watchtower, P.M. Dawn, The Scream, Dad's Porno Mag, Pretty Boy Floyd, Slash's Snakepit and others!!!" How can you go wrong, right?

Well, obviously you can't, not with a cast of musicians like that. And, for the most part, "Too Fast For Love" is an entertaining listen. Although none of the tracks capture the energy, the debauchery or the insanity of the original Motley Crue (or, for that matter, the sensitivity of that band on tracks like "Home Sweet Home"), there are plenty of interesting tracks here. "Kickstart My Heart," as performed by Jason McMaster and Richard Kendrick, has never been performed with such kick ass guitars before (although McMaster's Iggy Pop vocals kind of diminish the effect). Pallor gives "Come On and Dance" a completely new atmosphere and attitude, while Jessie Seely and Randy Cantor turn "Afraid" into something that sounds like a female Meat Loaf at work. And Robot Lords of Tokyo give "Knock Em Dead Kid" more meat than anyone would have thought possible.

Most of the tracks on "Too Fast For Love," however, are mostly B-level covers that usually stay very close to the original. There's nothing wrong with that but, at times, it does get a little dull. Still, there are enough bright points (courtesy of musicians like the aforementioned McMaster and the Crue's own John Corabi) to make "Too Fast For Love" worth a listen by any Motley Crue fan.

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