"Requiems of Revulsion: A Tribute To Carcass" (Necropolis/Deathvomit)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

I've actually never heard Carcass before, aside from the occasional track I might have heard on Internet radio, so I reviewed "Requiems Of Revulsion" without many (if any) reference points to the original Carcass tracks. Hell, I've hardly heard many of the bands performing the tributes! So, don't worry, be a lug for blood-soaked mayhem.

Regardless, a brief history lesson is in order: Carcass may take their rightful place as originators of the original English grindcore scene. Many of the bands that have gotten their inspiration directly from Carcass appear on this tribute CD owe a deep debt of gratitude to Carcass for paving the way in the grind and gore styles.

I knew right off the bat that I'd like the covers performed by Impaled, Nasum, and Pig Destroyer. Yet, the fourteen other bands would be basically my first experience with those outfits so I'd realized early on that I had a lot working against me. However, the production values are high on most of the tracks and that was definitely a plus in assessing my total enjoyment of the CD.

One of the surprise highlights for me on this tribute disc is Disgorge's version of "Hepatic Tissue Fermentation." A few months ago, I'd trashed Disgorge's "Forensick," but they really surprised me with this cover. Of course, I loved Nasum's rendition of "Tools Of The Trade" and Impaled's "Carneous Cacoffiny." Cattle Decapitation and Regurgitate also made me take notice of their efforts as well. 

One low-point of this tribute is that a couple of Carcass songs appear twice; unless you are familiar with Carcass and the bands doing the cover versions it may be difficult to discern between the tracks.

If you are a fan of Carcass you will most likely want to pick up "Requiems Of Revulsion." If you are a fan of the grind and gore scenes, then "Requiems Of Revulsion" will be a good purchase for you as well. 

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