"BWC Studios Presents A Very Metal Christmas" (Sunday League; 2005)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

I love metal-fied Christmas music and have for years. I've written a couple of articles for about it and we feature an annual Christmas show on Rough Edge Radio. I have a blast every year looking for new and undiscovered Christmas music in the genres that Rough Edge covers: hard rock, heavy metal and punk. And, each year, I get a number of e-mails from readers with suggestions.

This year was no exception and one of the releases brought to my attention by a reader was "BWC Studios Presents A Very Metal Christmas." 

"A Very Metal Christmas" is 19 tracks of classic, traditional Christmas songs performed with a powerful metal style. What's great about this CD is that the songs are performed pretty much as you'd expect them to be ... but with a metal edge that ranges anywhere from classic rock to death metal. There are chunky guitars chords, blistering leads, clean and growling vocals, blast-beats and more. It may be the perfect record for the heavy metal fan to get into the Christmas spirit with.

This CD probably wouldn't garner three-and-a-half guitarsaws if it were a non-Christmas release, but it would still get a full three. Being Christmas-themed, however, gives it that extra half. I've gathered quite a collection of Christmas metal over the years and "A Very Metal Christmas" will be one of the most-played for some time to come.

Performing (mostly on different tracks) on "A Very Metal Christmas" are: Greg Dawson - vocals, guitar, bass, keys; Dan Mills - drums; Dave Harvey - drums; Frank Barone - drums; Jon Gerson - drums; Serge Sargento - drums; Kenny Bridges - vocals; Greg Wright - vocals, guitar; Shane Drake - vocals; Jim Book - piano; Shaun Thompson - sax; Dan Coniglio - bass; Kara Dawson - vocals; Kevin Theodoropolus - vocals; Rich Marsetta - vocals; Scott Harner - vocals; Kristen Butcher - vocals; Nick Meraggart - vocals.

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A classic. This record will kick your ass.

Killer. Not a classic but it will rock your world.

So-so. You've heard better.

Pretty bad. Might make a nice coaster.

Self explanatory. Just the sight of the cover makes you wanna hurl.

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