"Outer Isolation" (Heavy Artillery; 2011)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Right above the guitarsaw rating, it says: "Reviewed by Jeff Rogers." It should say, "Barely Survived by Jeff Rogers!" This is one incredible band! They combine thrash with progressive music and they also add in some out-of-this-world guitar runs. It's music such as this that gives me a reason to get out of bed at night. Vektor play fast thrash but add in the progressive element to keep in unpredictable and often throw in a jazz fusion blast just to keep you levitated.

I listened to their previous disc, 2009's "Black Future," and immediately started searching for more of their discography. Behold their newest offering to us lowly peasants entitled "Outer Isolation." It's more of the best music I've found that challenges me as a listener -- no more pedestrian existence allowed. Vektor are taking over the streets, avenues and alley ways. Best try to keep up or if possible, out of the way because you'll get flattened.

One of the most incredible traits of Vektor is that these guys play with such technical intensity you would think that eventually the wheels would come off but it never happens. They are so tight musically that when playing it creates a void between other bands who just subscribe to one form of music. Combining two very different styles of music, thrash and progressive, isn't easy to accomplish. Vektor not only elevate their prowess but they set the bar so high that other bands can barely visualize the lofty aspirations.

This disc should be a listening requirement for any band who wants to venture into this type of music. Vektor are at the top of this genre and they deserve to be recognized.

Vektor: David DiSanto guitar/vocals; Erik Nelson guitar; Frank Chin bass; Blake Anderson drums.

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"Black Future" (Heavy Artillery; 2009)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Fans of thrash metal and progressive metal will absolutely worship this band! The first and title track, "Black Future," will blow your hair back and you'll be reaching for the volume knob so you can adjust your wig. With elements of jazz fusion, progressive and thrash metal driving each cut you'll become immersed in their unique musical sound.

Don't think that things will ever become predictable with Vektor; these guys mean business beyond the norm. This beast clocks in at 1:08:03 and after it's over you'll wish there was more! The guitar is incredible, riffs from the hooves of galloping war horses and solos that will cause a contact burn are just some of the features produced by Vektor. The drums and bass hold time with each other and when there is a jazz fusion run that whacks your head against the wall via the thrash element, well, you just better hang on for dear life.

There are no keys, no harmonies songs, no slowing of the pace, just a quickening of the run. Being that this was their second full length disc excites me to no end because when you start out the gate this strong and don't even bother looking over your shoulder to whom could catch up shows you how intense and confident this band really is. Thrash is the main element but there is plenty of jazz fusion and progressive guitar to keep you well immersed in Vektor's sound.

This kind of music shows that metalheads are also thinking fans. Anybody can riff the same drudge for five minutes so when Vektor came along people's jaws dropped and at the same time they raised their devil horns to a band that will be the future of progressive thrash. They have three songs that come at you like a Gatling gun for over ten minutes. Those tracks have incredible arrangements: the guitar, drums and bass together create some awesome music. The front man, David Disanto, screams, sings and drives the songs with his distinct voice and he doesn't let up once. He may take a breath in between but you're going to be gasping for it, too.

Vektor: David Disanto - Guitar, vocals; Erik Nelson Guitars; Frank Chin - Bass; Blake Anderson - drums.

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