"Der letzte Winter: Der Ewigkeit Entgegen" (Flood the Earth Records; 2005)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Having previously been exposed to Vinterriket as a result of their split CD with Northaunt I was intimately aware of Vinterriket’s ambient approach to hypnotic, symphonic black metal. “Der letzte Winter: Der Ewigkeit entgegen” is a full-length release from Vinterriket.

For the purpose of elucidation I offer that Vinterriket describes the band’s philosophy and musical style as a “tribute to the dark side of nature” – that self-description is pretty much on the mark. One can easily imagine the band’s work as a soundtrack for an IMAX film whilst a soaring aircraft loaded with HD cameras glides over a mountainous, snow-capped, uninhabited landscape. The band further provides its own description of their music as “frosty, grim, symphonic, avant-garde Winter, metal mixed with dark, cold, melancholic and desolate synth landscapes.” This, too, is right on the mark; yet, the words "haunting" and "slick" are both equally appropriate.

“Der letzte Winter: Der Ewigkeit entgegen” offers keyboard/synth dominated music. The guitars, if present, are of the quickly strummed, heavily processed, dense sheen that provides the foundation for the music’s melancholy sound. The vocals/lyrics are barely audible which seems to echo whispering winds. The drums/percussion are more evident here and, when present, are probably a bit too intense for something designed to be truly ambient and melancholic.

“Der letzte Winter: Der Ewigkeit entgegen” is indeed interesting stuff; however, it’s not something that I would frequently listen to.

“Der letzte Winter: Der Ewigkeit entgegen” was produced by Vinterriket. The production is clear and true – perfect for the ambient style and devoid of the clattered racket esthetic that generally poisons most black metal efforts.

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