"Juggernaut" (Reprieve; 2008)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Virgil is from Indianapolis, Indiana. On "Juggernaut," they create some great music that’s instrumental, experimental and progressive. After a few listens you can hear the band reach for certain familiar styles of other progressive bands but they always come back to their own sound. Each band member came from a different local group but they have a similar drive to back up their new found style.

Since the whole album is instrumental, I didn’t have to interpret any lyrics, but I did try to understand the music here. It has an avant-garde sound, but they also side-step into heavy metal and fusion. Just about anything those styles offer is explored here, and with great passion. Most of the songs are not timed like a “progressive” song would be; instead, they’re an average length -- four to five minutes, maybe less.

The only discs I have that are instrumental are guitar-centered, so a full on band playing instrumental music is either cutting edge or unmarketable. I’d like to think that a concert of these guys playing wouldn’t produce any dancing but rather a reflection of the musical talent it takes to create experimental rock. There aren’t any solos, at least the solos you and I would consider solos, but the guitars are going all the time. The drums are the backbone of this outfit and Bennett Williams keeps a timing that would give Rolex a run.

Virgil: Bob Bridges – guitar; Brenden Birch – guitar; Thomas Janes – bass; Bennett Williams – drums.

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