"Ever the Silver Cord Be Loosed" (TeePee; 2009)

Reviewed by Metal Mark


Weird Owl hail from Brooklyn. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect as the band name is funny, but the album title had me thinking this was going to a rather serious effort.

The band immediately began to lay landscapes of sound in slow, rolling fashion. This is psych rock with lots of texture and more than its share of twangy, biting parts tossed in. There is very spacey feel to much of the music, but it doesn't hamper their tight grasp of creating solid melodies. I definitely hear Pink Floyd, Neil Young and others tucked into the layers of these songs.

Weird Owl obviously excel at creating long, winding passages as many of their songs take that approach. The music manages to be engaging and absorbing without being too elaborate. It requires some concentration to fully soak in all that is transpiring, but it is certainly well worth the effort. The thought occurred to me more than once that the pace could have more variation at times. Also a few songs to seem to just end rather than come to a fitful end. There is no doubt about the playing ability of this band; however, the writing could probably be a little more tight in places. Considering that this is Weird Owl's first official full-length, I think those skills will come in time.

A strong outing that is certainly worth checking out.

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