"The Second Coming" (Lion Music; 2003)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Winterlong's "The Second Coming" is a unique power metal album that takes the classic power sound and floods it with a unique neo-classical sound. The result is a darker, more haunting style that keeps the CD from sounding too much like all the other power metal bands out there. And that's a good thing.

Progressive without feeling pompous, epic without feeling strained, "The Second Coming" boasts above-average songwriting and stunning production with crystal clear vocals, and beautifully played and mixed instruments that stand out individually but manage to blend together at the same time, creating an overall sense of oneness. There are solos aplenty, ranging from blistering guitar leads to furious keyboard attacks ... and they're never for the sake of the solo but rather as an integral part of the entire song.

Most importantly, "The Second Coming" succeeds where too many power metal bands don't - it sounds different. Fans of heavier progressive music will find something to like here, as will fans of the purer forms of power metal.

Winterlong: Thorbjorn Englund - guitars, bass; Mikael Holm - vocals; keyboard solos - Mistheria; Andreas Lill - drums; Anders Johansson - drums. Key-arrangements and choir - Lars Eric Mattson.

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