"Extended Mental Dimensions" (Candlelight USA / Karmageddon Media; 2004)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter


Before I got "Extended Mental Dimensions" I was aware that one member of Within Y had been in Gardenian. It's silly to get excited about an album from a new band because of a drummer connected to a personal favorite, but excited I was despite my best intentions. If you don't pay attention to "Extended Mental Dimensions" while you're listening to it you'd swear you were listening to Gardenian outtakes or a modified, more evolved, and slower version of At The Gates (especially as far as the vocals are concerned).

One of the neat features of "Extended Mental Dimensions" is the guitar solos that seem to leap off the band's wall of sound. Surely some credit must go to the production, but it takes thought and skill to make a guitar solo stand out from the rest of the track that happens often on "Extended Mental Dimensions." The orchestral end to "Injection" is also a nod to the mellow pieces that At The Gates always seemed to add to their albums. For the most part the tracks are compact, but feature enough sections to keep the songs interesting to avoid repetition. Within Y also do a great job utilizing the two guitarists for sprucing up the rhythm riffs with twists and out-of-the-ordinary lead guitar. "Face Down" is a compact rocker that reminded me (in a good way) of early Gardenian. Also, I thought "Sacred Lies" was a poor way to end the album, but that's a minor complaint.

While I think those of you who have tired of the Swedish melodic death metal genre will want nothing to do with "Extended Mental Dimensions" I think those who appreciate everything the genre has to offer will find plenty to like about the disc. I, for one, will certainly enjoy Within Y's mid-paced and refreshing approach to the genre that seems to have reached its saturation point many moons ago.

"Extended Mental Dimensions" was produced by Within Y.

Within Y: Andreas Solvestrom on vocals, Nikke Almen and Mikael Nordin on guitars, Matte Wanerstram on bass, and Thim Blom on drums.

For more information visit http://www.withiny.com/

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