"The Black Code" (Small Stone; 2013)

Reviewed by Mike SOS


Thunderous Texas trio Wo Fat are quite fond of both bendy riffs and doomy tempos as their five-track, 46-minute album "The Black Code" indicates.

This badass unit throws down a stoner desert diatribe meshing the bottom end of Sabbath, the southern drawl of ZZ Top and the adventurous side of early Pink Floyd with a fist chock full of furious guitar fuzz and swinging blues rhythms and an exploratory edge that allows the band to launch into cosmic journeys of the highest order (“The Black Code”).

Wo Fat provide an abundance of super heavy guitar led slow burning sojourns to bust the black light out and get completely lost with (“The Shard of Leng”).

For more information, check out http://wofat.net.

Rating Guide:

A classic. This record will kick your ass.

Killer. Not a classic but it will rock your world.

So-so. You've heard better.

Pretty bad. Might make a nice coaster.

Self explanatory. Just the sight of the cover makes you wanna hurl.

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