GREG X "Dream" (Greg X Music)

XAEL "Bloodtide Rising" (Pavement Music)

XANG "Destiny of a Dream" (Galileo Records)

XASTHUR "A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors" (Hydrahead)

XERATH "II" (Candlelight)

XERXES "Collision Blonde" (No Sleep Records)

X-HEADZ "Dirty Pounding Gasoline" (Locomotive)

XE-NONE "Dancefloration" (Chaotic Noiz)

X-TERRA "Wolves" (Self-produced)

X-TERRA "X-Nihilo" (Self-produced)

XYSTUS "Equilibrio" (Sensory)

XYZ "Forbidden Demos 1985 / 1991" (FYCO Records)

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