Z "Shampoohorn" (Barking Pumpkins)

ZAK DANIELS AND THE O.E.S. "Snakeland" (Big Water Records)

ZANDELLE "Vengeance Rising" (LMP)

ZANISTER "Fear No Man" (Leviathan)

ZAO "The Fear is What Keeps Us Here" (Ferret)

ZAO "The Funeral of God" (Ferret/Roadrunner)

DWEEZIL ZAPPA "Automatic" (Favored Nations)

DWEEZIL ZAPPA "Confessions" (Barking Pumpkin)

DWEEZIL ZAPPA "Havin a Bad Day" (Barking Pumpkin)

FRANK ZAPPA "Apostrophe" (Rykodisc)

FRANK ZAPPA "Joe's Garage Part I, II & III" (Rykodisc)

FRANK ZAPPA "The Lost Episodes" (Rykodisc)

FRANK ZAPPA "You Are What You Is" (Rykodisc)

NEIL ZAZA "When Gravity Fails" (Melodik Records)

ZEBRAHEAD "Phoenix" (Icon MES)

ZEBRAHEAD "The Show Must Go Off! Live at the House of Blues" (Kung Fu Records)

ZEBRAHEAD "Zebrahead" (Dr. Dream Records)

ZEKE "Dirty Sanchez" (Epitaph)

ZEKE "Kicked in the Teeth" (Epitaph)

ZEKE "Live and Uncensored" (Dead Teenager)

ZEKE "Zeke You: The Movie" DVD (Dead Teenager)

ZENITE "Brutal Enigmatic Prophecies"(Ne Figueiredo Records)

ZEN VENDETTA "The First Four" (Self-released)

ZEN VENDETTA "Out on the West Coast" (Self-released)

ZEPHYR "Zephyr" (Cleopatra)

ZERO 1 ZERO "Degrees of Separation" (2 Records)

ZERO HOUR "Dark Deceiver" (Sensory)

ZERO HOUR "Specs of Pictures Burnt Beyond" (Sensory)

ZEROKING "American Savior" (Vanity Music Group)

ZEROKING "Kings of Self Destruction" (Vanity Music Group)

ZITTER "Intoxicated World" (Independent)

ZNOWHITE "All Hail To Thee / Kick "Em When They're Down / Live Suicide" (MetalMind)

ZOE "Back Into the Light" (Brennus Music)

ZOMBEAST "Zombeast" (Horror High)

ROB ZOMBIE "American Made Music To Strip By" (Geffen Records)

ROB ZOMBIE "Educated Horses" (Geffen Records)

ROB ZOMBIE "The Electric Warlcok Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser" (UME)

ROB ZOMBIE "Hellbilly Deluxe" (Geffen Records)

ROB ZOMBIE "Hellbilly Deluxe II" (Roadrunner)

ROB ZOMBIE "The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy" (Nuclear Blast America)

ROB ZOMBIE "Past, Present & Future" (Geffen Records)

ROB ZOMBIE "The Sinister Urge" (Geffen Records)

ROB ZOMBIE "Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor" (UME)

ROB ZOMBIE "Zombie Live" (Geffen Records)

ZOMBIEFICATION "Reaper's Consecration" (Pulverised)

ZOMBIFIED "Outbreak" (GrindScene)

ZOMBIE TAKEOVER "Zombie Takeover" (Self-released)

ZONARIA "The Cancer Empire" (Century Media)

ZUG IZLAND "3:33" (Psychopathic / Smash)

KEVIN ZUGSCHWERT "Over the Limit" (Self-produced)

ZYKLON "Disintegrate" (Candlelight USA)

ZYKLON "World Ov Worms" (Candlelight USA)

ZZ TOP "Afterburner" (Warner Bros.)

ZZ TOP "Antenna" (RCA)

ZZ TOP "Deguello" (Warner Bros.)

ZZ TOP "Mescalero" (RCA)

ZZ TOP "Live From Germany 1980" CD (Eagle Records)

ZZ TOP "Live From Texas" CD (Eagle Records)

ZZ TOP "Live From Texas" DVD (Eagle Vision)

ZZ TOP "Raw: That Little Ol' Band From Texas Soundtrack" (BMG Rights Management (US) LLC; 2022)

ZZ TOP "That Little Ol' Band From Texas" (Eagle Rock Entertainment)


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