"Fear No Man" (Leviathan)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

If you're of the mind that progressive rock can't kick your ass, Zanister's here to prove you wrong.

With the explosive, razor-sharp guitars of David T. Chastain and Michael Harris, the devastating drums and bass backbone of Brian Harris and James Martin and Brian Sarvela's chameleon-like and always powerful voice, Zanister's "Fear No Man" is heavy metal that's more complex than the simple party bands out there but not so overwhelmingly technical that casual listeners will be turned off. That's the beauty of this band: They will appeal to both types of fans.

My favorite songs are the driving "You Live For Greed" and the dark, heavy "Lost Control." Of the 11 songs on the CD, only the last tune, the nearly 8-minute Iron Maiden/Dio morph of "Egyptian Nights," wears out its welcome. The riffs are too repetitive on this number and with that and its slow tempo, the song eventually becomes dull, despite some great leads.

Lyrically, some songs explore such contemporary issues as school shootings and corporate greed while others mine the standard heavy metal subjects (i.e., Egyptian Nights").

Zanister: James Martin - bass; Brain Sarvela - vocals; Brian Harris - drums; David T. Chastain - guitars; Michael Harris - guitars. 

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