As chosen by our East Coast Editor, Christopher J. Kelter

by Christopher J. Kelter

Here are my honorable mention picks (in no particular order) and my Top Twenty for the year 2005:

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE "Lullabies To Paralyze" 
BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE "Terminate Damnation"
SYSTEM OF A DOWN "Mesmerize / Hypnotize"
DARKEST HOUR "Undoing Ruin"
DREAM THEATER "Octavarium" 
CHIMAIRA "Chimaira"
SCUM "Gospels For The Sick" 
BIOMECHANICAL "The Empires Of The Worlds" 
THROWDOWN "Vendetta" 
BY NIGHT "Burn The Flags" 
BLOODBATH "Nightmares Made Flesh" 
DUG PINNICK "Emotional Animal" 
NIGHTRAGE "Descent Into Chaos" 
DEADLOCK "Earth.Revolt" 
WITHERED "Memento Mori" 
CAVE IN "Perfect Pitch Black" 
DEMONS & WIZARDS "Touched By The Crimson King" 
SAMAEL "Reign Of Light" 
EXODUS "Shovel Headed Kill Machine" 
FEAR MY THOUGHTS "Hell Sweet Hell" 
AUDIOSLAVE "Out Of Exile" 
GOD FORBID "IV: Constitution Of Treason" 

The Blueprint Dives" 

THE TOP 20 OF 2005

20: ARCH ENEMY "Doomsday Machine"
Solid as a rock and pushing boundaries.

19: CANDLEMASS “Candlemass”
Off-again, on-again traditional doomsters reign supreme with this effort.

18: SCAR SYMMETRY “Symmetric In Design”
Sure it sounds like Soilwork. So what - it’s worthy of a Top Twenty for 2005 to my ears.

17: CRYPTOPSY “Once Was Not”
Well worth the wait – Cryptopsy alter their sound slightly to favor a more technical direction that doesn’t forsake sheer brutality.

16: EVERY TIME I DIE “Gutter Phenomenon”
This is about the only ‘screamo’ band I care for – “Gutter Phenomenon” builds on the band’s past success without forgetting the genre’s origins.

15: SWALLOW THE SUN “Ghosts Of Loss”
Oppressive and downright depressing – Swallow The Sun haven’t suffered from the sophomore slump.

14: OHM: “Amino Acid Flashback”
Ohm: is like no other – the band’s fusion of rock and jazz is unbeatable.

13: NILE “Annihilation Of The Wicked”
Overwhelming and awe-inspiring in its technical brilliance.

12: CHILDREN OF BODOM “Are You Dead Yet?”
Despite showing a little restraint, COB deliver their most rocking, consistent record to date.

11: NOVEMBERS DOOM “The Pale Haunt Departure”
Novembers Doom is extremely underrated – “The Pale Haunt Departure” should change that.

10: PORCUPINE TREE “Deadwing”
Progressing into new realms, Porcupine Tree is alive and well.

9: SENTENCED “The Funeral Album”
A fitting finale if there ever was one.

8: NEVERMORE “This Godless Endeavor”
It’s good to see that one of the heaviest “power” metal bands hasn’t lost their edge.

7: KING’S X “Ogre Tones”
On old favorite comes through with the nicest surprise of the year.

6: PELICAN “The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw”
Epic, complex, and arty instrumental metal anthems.

5: MESHUGGAH “Catch 33”
Jarring jackhammers could only sound this good.

4: SOILWORK “Stabbing The Drama”
Tight, catchy as hell (not the first time I’ve said this about Soilwork), and hard to put away.

3: CLUTCH “Robot Hive/Exodus”
Clutch is the best American band in hard rock – “Robot Hive/Exodus” is satisfying proof.

2: OPETH “Ghost Reveries”
“Ghost Reveries” returns to the sound of “Still Life” and “Blackwater Park” while incorporating new elements – stunning.

“Character” is by far the best metal album of 2005. Dark Tranquillity’s unparalleled run of excellence continues and shows no sign of abating.

Stay metal and I’ll see you on the other side of 2006.

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