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An Interview with Doro Pesch

Interview by Kate Smith - November 2000

The goddess of metal has returned! 

After missing in action for some ten odd years Doro Pesch has come back to us with a brand new album, "Calling the Wild." As a solo artist she has in excess of eight releases to her credit and achieved worldwide success. Now it's time for her to re-establish herself on American Shores. She's been doing that very well with her new album that includes a fantastic cover of Billy Idol's "White Wedding" and it's only fitting that she did two duets with the god of metal, Motorhead's Lemmy: "Love Me Forever," which was originally on Motorhead's "1916" and "Alone Again."

Doro has been touring with Dio and Yngwie Malmsteen and playing to sold out crowds. While they were Chicago, Rough Edge managed to get on the phone with this remarkable woman herself.

Rough Edge: Hey Doro! How are you?

Doro Pesch: I'm doing great. We're looking at hotels right now to find which ones we want to stay in.

Rough Edge: How has the tour been going?

Doro Pesch: It's going better than I ever thought it would. Every show that we've played at has been sold out and the crowds have been really fantastic.

Rough Edge: Can you tell me why you waited ten years to release this CD?

Doro Pesch: It really wasn't my choice. The climate of metal wasn't good for the last five years, you know? Grunge was around and bands like Nirvana were really big. Metal just went underground. Nobody really supported it, especially record labels. I mainly toured in Europe and I had six albums that were recorded in Europe but weren't being released in America. This guy, Tony, who was a lawyer and a really big fan of ours, told us that it was a shame that people in America couldn't hear this music. He told us about a label in the U.S. called Koch Records so we sent a cassette of our music. They liked what they heard so they put us on the label and I came over here to record "Calling the Wild."

Rough Edge: Why did Warlock disband?

Doro Pesch: We lost our name to our manager at the time. He was a merchandiser only in it to make money and sell records so we lost the name to him. It was really sad because it was a great band. 

Rough Edge: How was it working with Lemmy?

Doro Pesch: It was so great. Lemmy is awesome, a great guy and a fantastic musician. He's fuckin' Lemmy! So it was an honor to work with him. There were a lot of good musicians on this album. Bruce Kulick played on there as well.

Rough Edge: Was there any pressure with recording this CD?

Doro Pesch: The pressure wasn't that much. Koch Records were really cool and supportive. The pressure I put on myself because I'm a perfectionist and I wanted this to be a really well done album which I think it is. 

Rough Edge: What were your expectations with "Calling the Wild"?

Doro Pesch: Only that people really enjoy it. We're making a video in Boston at this old chapel for the cover of Billy Idol's "White Wedding." It should be really great. 

Rough Edge: That was an awesome cover by the way.

Doro Pesch: Thank you! I wasn't sure if we were going to do it but when I listened to it I started getting an idea of what I wanted and I knew we had to cover it.

Rough Edge: What inspires you to write your lyrics?

Doro Pesch: Everything. Feelings, thoughts. Every song's different but it's always coming from the soul. It's always heartfelt. 

Rough Edge: Any words for your fans? 

Doro Pesch: I'm very excited to see everybody at the shows and thank you so much for all the support!

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