BURY YOUR DEAD and 10 YEARS join Korn, Deftones and others

Preview by R. Scott Bolton
July 2006

Returning like Godzilla to Japan, the Family Values Tour 2006 returns this year with a killer lineup, including BURY YOUR DEAD, who delivered pummeling performances in last year's Ozzfest. In support of their new CD, “Beauty and the Breakdown,” BURY YOUR DEAD are on the road. The band, which has broken up, come back together, gone through fourteen band members and nine tour vehicles, are very pleased with their new record. Says drummer Mark Castillo, “The drums sound like drums, and the guitar tone is ridiculous. Mat stepped up vocally and put everything he had into it.” Castillo credits producer Jason Suecof and the in-studio charisma with much of the new album’s success. “It was the most comfortable recording session I have ever had,” Castillo says. “It was so easy. The record just came right out of us. We went in expecting to work it, and it just came naturally. It’s a lot heavier than our old stuff. It’s still Bury Your Dead, but we dropped down to make it heavier. We kept things a little more simple, because simple can be better.” 

Adds guitarist Slim, “It’s evolved, too, and it’s almost like a grown up version of Bury Your Dead. On the last record, we wanted to keep it heavy because we didn’t know anything else, as far as writing songs. On this record, we wanted to keep it heavy, catchy, and fun. We take ourselves seriously, and we treated the band as a business but fun is also important. You can hear us having a good time. When kids come to see us, we’re having a good time. Our whole thing is what did Motley Crue do? A lot of people these days are paying their hard earned money that they saved up to see a show, and be entertained. We’re not Lord Of The Dance or the circus, but when you leave a Bury Your Dead show, you’ve never seen it done by a band like you see it done by us. Having a good time is as important as the quality of the music, absolutely, 200 percent. I don’t care if I break my guitar or whatever.”

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Joining Bury Your Dead on the Family Values tour this year are Knoxville, Tennessee’s 10 YEARS. The band, who released their last CD, “The Autumn Effect,” last year, are concerned with the dehumanization of music. Says frontman Jess Hasek, "Music is supposed to be about intensity and feeling, but there's no thinking behind the music that's out there today. We want people to think, to feel emotions again. We're always plugged in, or connected to something, part of the machine, but the more we plug in, the less human we become." 

10 YEARS isn’t afraid to get deeper than that, either. Take, for example, “The Recipe,” which is a song about how casual consumption of lust with random strangers devalues and destroys the ability to love. Or "Seasons to Cycles" which Hasek explains: "We are living in an individualistic ego driven society that celebrates fame, lacks ambiguity that is incapable of deep sustained attention with no discontinuity between life and art. “Seasons to Cycles” is about people who build walls to separate themselves from others. In building walls we lose contact with people and we don’t realize these same walls confine the growth of relationships. Whether we're talking about love, substance abuse, temptation, or whatever, all the songs are about life, and the emotions that we all go through. Life is an organic process of growth and decay, and it is unavoidable in nature.”

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Both Bury Your Dead and 10 Years are on the road now with the Family Values Tour. Other bands on the tour include Korn, Deftones, Stone Sour, Dir En Grey, Flyleaf, Bury Your Dead, Deadsy, and Bullet and Octane. Check out for tour dates.

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